Sunday, March 7, 2010

Triple Tip: On Bags & Rags

This week’s tip is three-fold: Reducing your paper towels, Reusing plastic bags, and Recycling scrap materials into a handy and very easy-to-make dispenser!

When faced with the question “paper or plastic?”, I try to reply “neither” and bring my own bags. I swear, I really do try. Alas, I don’t always remember my bags, so sometimes I opt for paper (you’ll see why in a future post) and sometimes I opt for plastic. I use the plastic bags several ways: scooping pet waste, marinating meats, packing leftovers, transporting wet diapers or clothes, etc.

My mom used to use an old tissue box to store and dispense grocery bags, but they seem to fall apart quickly. I saw something like this in a store and decided to use scrap materials to make them! Here’s a great tutorial for them: So easy, I made about 10 of them in one afternoon and gave them away to friends!

I keep three hanging in our pantry: one for clear bags (easier for food items), one for opaque bags, and one for rags. To reduce our paper towel use, I tear up our old t-shirts, keep them in this handy holder et voila! Paper towel substitute!

Total cost: $0 (since I used scraps, but it should only cost about a dollar's worth of remnants!)
Total time: 30 minutes each
Result: less paper towels, fewer bought baggies, less mess!

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