Monday, March 22, 2010

Springtime Snotmonster Strikes Again!

It’s springtime, which means some, if not all members of my household have runny noses. I have tried to buy recycled paper tissues, but would rather wipe my nose on a piece of bark than use that sandpaper-like product! This is definitely one place I splurge: ultra soft tissues. How can I green this habit?

I’ve always been grossed out by the thought of a handkerchief, but having a kid has made me realize that a hankie in my pocket is no grosser than a half dozen partially used tissues in my pocket (or hers)! (And none is as gross as your child's habit of wiping her nose on your shoulder!) Even better, a friend of mine told me her secret: bibs. Hang one around your toddler’s neck and it will always be handy for a quick nose wipe! The terrycloth ones are softer than any tissue could be. And, since they’re out in the open (instead of crumpled in your pocket) they dry out quicker, leaving fewer cooties to spread. When you run out of clean bib space, throw it in the wash and get a new one.

I’m still working on substituting hankies for my own tissue addiction, but this trick has really reduced the amount used in our household and kept my daughter’s nose from getting too raw! If only I could wear a bib, too.

Total cost: $0. I mean, how many bibs did you get from your shower really?
Total time: more convenient than searching for clean tissues in your pocket!
Result: nicer noses, fewer tissues, fewer gross pocket surprises.

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