Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet Raggedy Dolly!

I wanted to make my daughter’s first Christmas special, and I thought it was time for her first dolly. I am not a seasoned sewer (I can make pillows or easy crafts, but no clothes), so I was excited when I found this website:

It took me about half a day to make (with my husband watching our daughter for most of it) and was reasonably easy. (It was a detailed endeavor, which is what took all the time.) Don’t do what I did and assume to understand assembly without reading the entire instructions. I would definitely do this project again!

I used all scrap materials from my craft closet and stuffed it with pillow stuffing I took from one of our bedpillows.

Total cost: $0.
Time cost: about 6 hours ( final hour or two while watching tv)
Difficulty: medium.
Result: it’s my baby’s favorite doll!

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