Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Décor to Last the Years!

My baby girl turned two last week! You know what else got a year older? Her birthday decorations! I made this sign out of cardboard boxes, construction paper, string and a glue stick for her first birthday (see it hanging from a tree in the first photo) and kept it for this year (see next photo in our home)!

First, I measured 20 6-inch cardboard squares (one for each letter in Happy Birthday and my daughter’s name) and cut them with box cutters. Next I cut out letters drawn with a straight edge. Lastly, I poked holes at the top corners of each square and tied them together with a few inches of string each. It’s my favorite color combo, but you can use more construction paper to change the colors.

Total cost: a few buck for a glue stick, paper and string, the rest I got out of the recycling bin and the tool box

Total time: I made this in one night while watching prime time television, including commercial breaks!

Result: A big sign of celebration at our house! We’ll use it for years and we can hang it up for any birthday, not just our baby girl’s!

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